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Pro Mags® wheels are an innovative approach to planting in all conditions. Our sleek design incorporates a number of functional improvements over the standard gauge wheel.


Standard equipment leads to numerous problems when used in real world application. It is our goal at Pro Mags to resolve these common issues by creating superior products that enable you to get the ultimate precision, efficiency, and yield out of every acre planted. See the issues we eliminate and the results you can expect.

Plugged-Gauge-WheelPMStandard gauge wheels without openings trap soil and trash between the opening disk and the inner half of the gauge wheel. This continues to build until the wheel becomes plugged. When a gauge wheel becomes plugged the planter is no longer creating a proper furrow and the seed is not properly placed in the ground. This creates the time wasting chore of removing each plugged wheel and manually cleaning it out.

Standard scrapers bolt onto the frame of the row unit. While there are a number of scraper blade options available, there was never an alternative to mounting them to the row unit frame. Standard frame-mount scraper arms trap and build up with mud as the chamfer of the opening disk rotates out of the soil. As this soil builds, it can drop soil between the two opening disks causing them to “wedge” or preventing rotation while also causing the scraper blade to pull away from the opening disk. The result can be bent scraper arms or lost scraper blades.

Results of Converting to Pro MagsĀ®.


River Bottom Field

We no-till planted corn into our river bottom ground. Due to the exceptional drought we were in last year, this is the first time in over 20 years the entire field was in “ideal” no-till condition.

Uncovering the seed revealed beautiful spacing.

Corn stand.

Emergence from end to end.

All our prayers to end the drought last year were answered at the worst time. The river flooded and drowned our entire field.

Our river bottom ground literally was the bottom of the river.

When the water receded we decided to replant soybeans. The entire field was muddy clay but we took our 4-wheel drive through it.

Planting soybeans.

Planting soybeans through a 100% wet field.

Everything remained clean and properly planting.

Our soybean crop. Beautiful emergence and we’ll have a nice harvest.

The neighboring field which was tilled and not planted.

The resulting crop. We had record yields.

Harvesting the beans.


Slough Ground

Planting soybeans through slough ground.

Planting every acre right up to the standing water.

Don’t think there’s good seed-to-soil contact? Think again!

The soybeans are coming up.

Soybeans growing through the dying cattails.

The resulting crop that had excellent moisture for growth.

The neighboring field with the slough not planted.

The resulting soybean crop. We had record yields.



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