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Plant when you want...

Pro Mags® wheels are an innovative approach to planting in all conditions. Our sleek design incorporates a number of functional improvements over the standard gauge wheel.


Plant when you want.

The weather man is almost always wrong.

  • With Pro Mags, conditions are always right
  • Plant sooner after a rain
  • Plant through low-spots
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Plant where you want.

Pro Mags plant through all soil conditions.

  • Clays
  • Loam
  • Alkalis
  • Sand
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Keep your wheels rolling.

And prevent row skips.

  • Full-Till
  • No-Till
  • Conservation-Till
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Plant when yield potential is the highest.

When the ground is not always the driest.

  • Reduce wheel plugging to a minimum
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No more frame-mounted scrapers.

  • Easy 360° adjustability
  • Utilizes new direct eject concept
  • Fits all major brands
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Pro Mags LLC is proud to be featured on an episode of television's American Farmer. Watch as President Ron Hesla and others explain the teachings and importance behind the company's products.

Patent # 8,104,543

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